Want to get involved? Then you've come to exactly the right place.

What is volunteering?

Volunteering means helping people because you want to and without asking for pay. You donate your time and energy to help others and thus strengthen society. Volunteering is not something you do for friends or acquaintances, but instead pitching for people or organisations outside your personal life. Volunteering does not replace those who are paid to work with these people, but it does support and supplement their work.

Why volunteer?

Every person has skills and interests, knowledge, and hobbies. You can put them to use. Volunteering enriches your life, brings joy, enriches our society, strengthens the sense of community, provides new experiences, and helps you make contacts. Especially for people new to Hamburg, volunteering  provides an opportunity to get to know the city and its people while deepening your German language skills and using your talents. Volunteers are indispensable parts of many organisations and associations in the city, including those that work on sport, environmental protection, or provide and social assistance.

What is a volunteer agency?

A volunteering agency advises people about volunteering. On request, they will put people interested in volunteering with organisations or clubs where they can get involved.

How do I find somewhere to volunteer?

We at Hamburg's volunteering agencies have put together a list in German of many opportunities to get involved in the city. If you don't know too much German, come to one of our agencies for a personal consultation. Here you can find out where and which languages we speak. Make an appointment with us and tell us what language you require.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Hamburg volunteering agencies.

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